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A Gift to Inspire!

I know, it’s a predictable picture for this time of year, but I hope it’s one that conjures up the feelings of joy, excitement and expectations of the season!  But does it inspire you?

Inspire others

Often clients say to me “how can I get my wife/mum/brother/uncle/best friend/colleague to come and see you? They would really benefit from your therapies! I keep telling them about you” and my answer is always the same – “you can’t”(unless, of course, they want to come) because:

Inspire with your actions

When they see you happy, overcoming obstacles and moving forward purposefully in your life they’ll be curious and want to come.

It can be so frustrating ……

……..when you make your own breakthroughs and really start living because we become so excited that we want to share the joy and help others to do the same!  You’ve lost loads of weight, finally quit smoking, you’ve learned to take control of your anxiety and move out of your comfort zone.  Or, with coaching,  gained much needed clarity, and confidently know which direction to take your career and your life goals.   But the truth is that you found support to help you overcome what was holding you back in your life when the time was right for you, others will do exactly the same.  They will know exactly when that ‘camels back’ is broken and will ask for help.  The best way to help others is :

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

This is so perfect – inspire those around you by being your best you.  Let them see how you have found the courage to overcome obstacles, practising daily habits that help you reach your goals.  You give them confidence to believe that they can do the same.  Who was it who said “actions speak louder than words“?

Be Proud

For my lovely clients who have overcome personal limitations in 2017 – and that’s ALL of you –  smile, shine and be extremely proud this festive season and beyond. Inspire and lift up those around you! And who knows, they may do the same in 2018!


In the last two weeks I have gifted 4 Cloud Nine Hypnotherapy and Coaching vouchers for a Mind Spa session to local fundraisers, for raffles, hampers or wherever they may be useful as a means of raising money for a good cause. Lots of people donate in this way, but for me it was the first time, and it felt really good to be able to help. I’m gifting my time, and I look forward to delivering! A gift voucher for a therapy session isn’t a usual gift, but I hope that the lucky winners will enjoy the mind stilling, relaxation and clarity coaching.

Mind Spa gift vouchers are available for £50 (saving £60 on the usual session price)  phone or email me and I’ll put it in the post in time for Christmas!  

A no-obligation client consultation is a chance to meet me and find out what I do, and how we could work together. Call or email me to make an appointment.