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Improve your environment, improve your health

I’m just back from a visit to Richmond and thoroughly enjoyed exploring this beautiful London borough, lots of walking, and sunny mornings spent ‘people watching’ sitting outside one of the many cafes in this leafy escape.  When you’re in a new place (you know that feeling when you’re on holiday?) you notice so many things that are taken for granted in your everyday life, and I delighted in the variety of trees and plants (wisteria, rhododendrons in abundance) that surrounded me as I took in every new experience.  On Saturdays and Sundays the park is full of weekenders strolling with family and friends, running, or mountain biking the 955 hectares of open land.  And I’m sure that 95% of leggings sold annually reside in this town!  

Healthy Choices, healthy habits 

Not only is the country feel of Richmond  surprising, the town itself is quite delightful.  When out shopping, I was struck by the variety and quality of the food that was available to suit every dietary requirement.  I considered how much easier it is to make healthy choices when you are surrounded by so many options.  And I also thought of home, how beautiful life can be in the West Midlands and Warwickshire, and how I can upgrade my own “healthy habits” in my normal daily life.


I talk to many of my clients who wish to make changes in their lives – especially with regard to anxiety and weight control –  about the importance of their environment (one of the segments in the wheel of life) and sometimes it can be hard to explain.  What surrounds us has a huge effect on our overall health and wellbeing, which consequently affects every aspect of our lives.  Does your environment bring you joy, and encourage you to practice healthy habits or does it hinder you?


Recent research from the Royal Society for Public Health shows that “people living in towns with a ‘healthy’ high street outlive those with an ‘unhealthy’ one by up to six years” (*) which seems to bear out my point above.  Some places seem to make it much easier than others to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Small changes

Today consider your environment – it may not be perfect, but with some ‘tweaks’ you may be able to improve your health and wellbeing significantly.   What do you love about it?  What inspires you to live your healthiest life?  What could be changed?  I’m not talking about huge expensive changes, start with small ones.  Is it time to give your home a spring clean, declutter your cupboards, throw out unhealthy foods or clothes that don’t bring you joy, educate yourself, or use your favourite crockery so that mealtimes become more of a joy? Drink your morning tea or coffee in a special cup in the garden, dust off your leggings, pump up the tyres on your bicycle, walk in nature – take a look around you at all of the beauty on your doorstep and leap into it.

After my break, some changes I’m making to enhance and celebrate my environment:

  • Declutter my fridge
  • Find a new walk from my house instead of taking the same route every time
  • Create a comfortable reading corner in my home
  • Join the town library and use it!
  • Shopping at the local farmer’s market, and upgrading my food choices
  • empty the ‘clutter’ from the boot of my car!

These are all thoughts that have been lurking at the back of my mind for ages – I know they will make a big difference to how I live my life!

Make your environment your biggest asset to a healthy mind and life. 

What small change are you going to make?  Let me know in the comments.

Are you ready to make some changes? Could you benefit from some help and support with getting clarity and setting goals?  Check out my coaching programme, http://cloudninehypnotherapy.co.uk/coaching/ and call me on ‭07904 099248‬ to see how we can work together – change your future!

(*) The Health on the High Street: Running on Empty https://www.rsph.org.uk/our-work/campaigns/health-on-the-high-street/2018.html

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Hypnotherapist life – behind the scenes

What does your therapist or coach do outside of your session time?  An insight into life behind the scenes.

I may be seeing another client…

Of course, that’s the obvious one, and a lot of the time, I’m doing exactly that, whether face to face hypnotherapy or coaching in Knowle or Kenilworth, or via Skype, which has opened up my practice to a much wider audience!  And although I love client sessions, and the privilege I’m granted to help, at the end of the day I’m running a business, and so I wear many “hats”.  When I’m not with a client you can usually find me doing one of the following.

Marketing and sales – oh how I struggle with this!

But unless I take my business to market, how on earth will anyone know what I do and that I even exist?  Social media has completely changed the face of marketing, and for some, this is proving an absolute joy.  If, like me, you are a natural introvert (I’m a social introvert to be precise) then you will find the whole “putting yourself out there” to be the very opposite of joy!  But I have to do it, and my commitment to Cloud Nine Hypnotherapy and Coaching’s success is that 2019 will be my year of overcoming my limiting beliefs and becoming a marketing genius (sort of!).  I am so lucky that a lot of my success over the past 8 years has been due to referrals from my lovely clients.  Thank you so much!

Financial management….

Keeping on top of my accounts, expenses, and targets to help my business grow!  Best to do this regularly so that it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Continuing Professional development….

or CPD.  This is an area of my work that I really enjoy, learning new skills, theories, ideas and expanding my knowledge fulfilling my need to grow both professionally and personally.  CPD is important to ensure that I continue to improve my skills,  and provide myclients the most up to date service.  CPD can take many forms, but most usually for me it means attending courses, reading a new book or article (or revisiting a classic).  I also have regular supervision sessions with another therapist, where I can discuss challenges I may be experiencing, and to help me stay clear on my own objectives and intentions.  I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and spend time connecting with other therapists, and attending conferences, learning as much as I can about my industry.  Dedicating CPD time within my work schedule ensures that I offer my clients the best possible experience and results.

Hypnotherapy Admin….

Another large part of my work.  Answering emails, calls, sending emails, making calls, client consultations, session planning and session review notes, not to mention making hypnosis recordings for my clients to use.  All taking a lot of time, but incredibly important to the smooth running of my business behind the scenes.

Business development….

The creative cousin of admin and finance.  To grow your business and improve your life, you need to have a vision, plans, ideas and goals, as I remind my clients regularly.  Big or small, it doesn’t matter, but without a plan, a goal is just a dream.  I love planning, scheduling and reviewing, and the sense of control and purpose it gives to my business.  And I also know that I feel much more relaxed when I know I’m following a plan.  Check out my coaching programme if you struggle with this http://www.cloudninehypnotherapy.co.uk/services-and-prices

Talks and networking….

Another form of marketing, spreading the word.  I’m not a natural at selling, but have often given talks to groups about confidence, procrastination, weight, anxiety and hypnotherapy and coaching in general.  I love to remind people just how awesome they are and how investing in themselves through connecting with their powerful subconscious can help them to achieve the life they want.  I’ve always been on a mission to spread the word about hypnotherapy, it’s not something weird and inaccessible, but it’s something natural, extremely effective and available to all.  And networking is a great way to meet other business owners, and make new connections.

Self care…

I have to schedule this, as running a business is a 24 hour commitment.   And when your business is also your passion, it can become all consuming.  I have to practice what I preach; every client of mine is reminded how important they are, and encouraged to make time just for them, to switch off and reconnect with who they are and what brings them joy.  So I must do the same.  The fact that I regularly fail reminds me how hard this is to do for most of us.  And when I get run down, irritable or things start to slide a little, that’s my wake up call that I need to get out in the countryside for a bracing walk, go for a swim, laugh with a friend, or just take an hour to curl up and read my book or listen to one of my calming hypnotherapy recordings.  All the things that bring me back to my peaceful place.  

A little insight into behind the scenes.  

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Change your weight and your life!

“This programme has changed my life – I know that sounds silly but it has!”  That was what my delightful weight management programme client said as we concluded our fourth and final session last week.  I was so happy for her, and completely understood what she meant.

You see, losing weight is more than just losing weight – if you know what I mean. 

All of those of us who have been on this crazy weight rollercoaster of life knows that if it was just about eating the right things in the right way at the right time, then we’d all be completely happy with ourselves and the food and weight loss industries would collapse overnight (social media would find itself pretty empty too!).   The wisest piece of advice I was ever given – and probably the first time I needed to accept responsibility for my extra pounds (many of them!) – was: “you didn’t put this weight on overnight, so you can’t expect it to go away overnight either!”.

( in fact something that I do know is that it’s probably takes less time to lose it than it was to put it on.  Think about it………)

Extra weight is usually just the symptom of where our own personal rollercoaster is careering out of control.

I designed my weight programme to help you take back control.   It’s about self management, and that in reality is life management.  Hey, hey, don’t panic that it’s all going to get super scary and boringly efficient.  It just means taking a good hard look at your life, your habits, your underlying limiting beliefs, your unconscious behaviours – in short, every space where you are being “hijacked” by the world around you!  It means learning about you.  Your weight issues are just the symptom, we can’t blame the food for our dissatisfaction with the way we look and feel.  It involves understanding how we got here, dealing with it, changing it, and programming a positive health future.  We use hypnotherapy and therapeutic techniques to remove underlying patterns, install new ones, and cement your healthy and focussed future setting goals and designing your action plan. (For more details take a look at my programmes and prices page, or email me for full details).

Anyway, back to my client.  It changed her life!  And that’s exactly what I intend for everyone who signs up for my 4 session programme .  Her parting words – “for the first time in my life I’ve really looked at myself, and do you know?  It really wasn’t that scary!” (she also said she felt so lucky to have found me!!!  But that’s another story…….)

I love my clients, and am totally in awe of them and their commitment to taking control.


Let’s change your life together, contact me now, I’d love to help!