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Improve your environment, improve your health

I’m just back from a visit to Richmond and thoroughly enjoyed exploring this beautiful London borough, lots of walking, and sunny mornings spent ‘people watching’ sitting outside one of the many cafes in this leafy escape.  When you’re in a new place (you know that feeling when you’re on holiday?) you notice so many things […]

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Hypnotherapist life – behind the scenes

What does your therapist or coach do outside of your session time?  An insight into life behind the scenes. I may be seeing another client… Of course, that’s the obvious one, and a lot of the time, I’m doing exactly that, whether face to face hypnotherapy or coaching in Knowle or Kenilworth, or via Skype, which has […]

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Change your weight and your life!

“This programme has changed my life – I know that sounds silly but it has!”  That was what my delightful weight management programme client said as we concluded our fourth and final session last week.  I was so happy for her, and completely understood what she meant. You see, losing weight is more than just […]

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A Gift to Inspire!

I know, it’s a predictable picture for this time of year, but I hope it’s one that conjures up the feelings of joy, excitement and expectations of the season!  But does it inspire you? Inspire others Often clients say to me “how can I get my wife/mum/brother/uncle/best friend/colleague to come and see you? They would really benefit from your therapies! […]