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Change your weight and your life!

“This programme has changed my life – I know that sounds silly but it has!”  That was what my delightful weight management programme client said as we concluded our fourth and final session last week.  I was so happy for her, and completely understood what she meant.

You see, losing weight is more than just losing weight – if you know what I mean. 

All of those of us who have been on this crazy weight rollercoaster of life knows that if it was just about eating the right things in the right way at the right time, then we’d all be completely happy with ourselves and the food and weight loss industries would collapse overnight (social media would find itself pretty empty too!).   The wisest piece of advice I was ever given – and probably the first time I needed to accept responsibility for my extra pounds (many of them!) – was: “you didn’t put this weight on overnight, so you can’t expect it to go away overnight either!”.

( in fact something that I do know is that it’s probably takes less time to lose it than it was to put it on.  Think about it………)

Extra weight is usually just the symptom of where our own personal rollercoaster is careering out of control.

I designed my weight programme to help you take back control.   It’s about self management, and that in reality is life management.  Hey, hey, don’t panic that it’s all going to get super scary and boringly efficient.  It just means taking a good hard look at your life, your habits, your underlying limiting beliefs, your unconscious behaviours – in short, every space where you are being “hijacked” by the world around you!  It means learning about you.  Your weight issues are just the symptom, we can’t blame the food for our dissatisfaction with the way we look and feel.  It involves understanding how we got here, dealing with it, changing it, and programming a positive health future.  We use hypnotherapy and therapeutic techniques to remove underlying patterns, install new ones, and cement your healthy and focussed future setting goals and designing your action plan. (For more details take a look at my programmes and prices page, or email me for full details).

Anyway, back to my client.  It changed her life!  And that’s exactly what I intend for everyone who signs up for my 4 session programme .  Her parting words – “for the first time in my life I’ve really looked at myself, and do you know?  It really wasn’t that scary!” (she also said she felt so lucky to have found me!!!  But that’s another story…….)

I love my clients, and am totally in awe of them and their commitment to taking control.


Let’s change your life together, contact me now, I’d love to help!